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Gretchen Rossi on CShopTV

Hey folks! Gretchen Christine Rossi of the Real Housewives of Orange County – the FIRST real housewives show – appeared recently on CShopTV. Stay tuned this month to see her CShop shows starting to air. And don’t forget to watch Gretchen & Slade on The Real Housewives of Orange County on BRAVO, Mondays at 8pm […]

Check Out Our YouTube Channel!

Hi All, CShopTV also has a YouTube channel! Subscribe to the channel and like videos to help promote the network. You will not see all shows there yet as we’re adding them over time to build viewers. This is another component of our promotional plans for the network. Enjoy the channel & don’t forget to […]

Send Us Your NEWS!

One of the benefits of being part of the CShopTV entourage as either a supporter or celebrity co-host is: FREE PROMO! That’s right! We want to keep the CShopTV community up to date on what’s happening with YOU! So if you have any news, announcements or cool info to share with CShopTV viewers and fans, […]

CShopTV Alpha Site Is Now Live

Hi guys! It has arrived! The CShopTV broadcast site is now LIVE! This is phase 1 of the site. We still have alot to do and lots of plans for expanding the site. But you have to start somewhere right? So here we go! Check it out at Enjoy!

CShop Supporter Banners On The Way!

For all our founding supporters we have created ad banners which will appear on the CShopTV broadcast site when it goes live. We will also be sending these banners to you via our client servicing system email. Please watch for this email late this week. Enjoy!