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Our Mission: To elevate the quality of online marketing opportunities while creating mutual exposure & benefit for all participants.

CShop TV

The CShop is a celebrity focused marketing firm providing Fortune 500 level caliber services, affordably, to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We have developed our services to create unique marketing and branding opportunities for businesses to access and leverage celebrity star power, social media and internet video trends for the promotion and elevation of their brands. This powerful combination makes it possible to create truly viral marketing opportunities through the use of word-of-mouth, Twitter, YouTube and various social media.

Businesses of nearly any size can now gain brand building endorsements previously thought unavailable due to budgetary and access constraints.

Celebrities and their favorite charities also receive significant brand exposure due to our proprietary cross promotions and creative CShop show formats.

For more information please contact us or the CShop Booking Agent who referred you to this site.


Internet Video Had 181,000,000 UNIQUE Viewers In January 2012.
Source: Comscore.com

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