The CShop is a celebrity endorsement focused marketing firm that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes leverage the power of fame and celebrity fan bases to promote their products and services.

We are not a talent agency.  We represent your company and its interests in establishing productive celebrity endorsements and, where necessary, executing celebrity enhanced marketing campaigns.

Our relationships with talent agencies and managers allow this to occur smoothly, affordably and in volume. Our talent agent and manager contacts represent more than 5000 celebrities across TV, sports, music and film.

We also have relationships with representatives of more than 10,000 social media influencers across Instagram, YouTube, etc.

While every celebrity endorsement project is different, we approach each as if it were our own business.

Because we are veteran entrepreneurs with experience in a wide range of industries, we can approach each celebrity endorsement project with a blend of business expertise, marketing & PR experience, complemented by artistic and technical know-how.

This powerful combination makes it possible to help you select and strategize the most appropriate celebrities for your campaign objectives.

Celebrities that not only have large, engaged fan bases, but who will also enhance, elevate and accelerate your brand’s position in the marketplace.

For more information please contact us or the CShop Celebrity Marketing Partner who referred you to our site.

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