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Here are answers to the questions we’re asked most often. If you don’t see an answer here, feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to respond promptly.

CShop Frequently Asked Questions

What celebrities do you have for my endorsement?

This is, by far, our most popular question. Our talent agency and management network represents over 5000 celebrities in the sports, TV, film and music industries as well as roughly 10,000 internet influencers.

This large talent pool ensures we have access to multiple celebrities who can potentially be appropriate for your campaign.

As part of your complimentary consult with us, we provide you with a researched and customized list of the ideal 8 celebrities for your campaign shortly after you complete the Find My Celebrity questionnaire on the site.

To give you an idea of the types of celebrities available, take a look at the logos below which contain various outlets where you’ve likely seen celebrities from our network.

The cost for your endorsement depends on a number of factors, primarily who the celebrity is and what actions you’d like them to do.

Here is the good news: working with us and utilizing our on-going relationships with celebrity agents and managers helps in more ways than one, including helping secure the best possible rates. Consequently, the cost is probably a lot less than you think.


Our endorsement services include a wide range of options including celebrity social media campaigns, personal appearances, trade show appearances, web endorsements, TV and radio ads, infomercials and much more.

You can find more detailed information about our services and resources in the Services section of our site.

Celebrities certainly engage in partnerships and revenue sharing arrangements. This is very common in the industry.

Normally these types of deals are done after you’ve successfully worked with the celebrity at least once in a fee-based capacity. It gives both of you a chance to get to know each other and see how you work together.

If you’re interested in partnering with a celebrity on a single product, service or an entire product line, we stand ready to help you make it happen.

Yes. Celebrities can endorse both products and services.

Generally, yes. If your product requires any type of hands-on experience to give a testimonial for it, the celebrity will need to receive it in advance of finalizing the endorsement agreement.

We normally require at least 3 samples of your product so it can be qualified by both us and the celebrity’s representative as well as the celebrity directly. High-value items, such as vehicles and fine jewelry, are the exception.

If your product is online software, at least one fully functioning demo account capable of use by more than one person should be supplied.

For confidentiality reasons, we always receive samples first and forward them to the celebrity.

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