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One of the most popular methods of celebrity endorsements, celebrity social posts are a fast and highly affordable way to leverage celebrity power for your product.

Your celebrity social promotion can be used to drive traffic to a special offer, promote a giveaway or just build interest in your products and services.

Whether a viral video, web video or traditional broadcast television ad, having a celebrity appear in your video helps get more views, shares, likes and credibility.

The CShop has complete video production resources to help create your video if needed.

Everyone wants to dine, dance and meet with the stars. Make your venue, event or trade show booth the place to be with celebrity personal appearances.

Forget about raffling an iPad, nothing packs your trade show booth like the opportunity to meet and take a selfie with a popular celebrity.

If you’re planning a major product campaign and looking for a brand ambassador, The CShop can help secure your ideal candidate to do every type of celebrity association your campaign might need including packaging imagery, social media promotion, commercial appearances and more.

Picture & Quote

A Day In The Life


Press & Blogs

Enhance your website with celebrity pictures and quotes.

This service includes a celebrity quote endorsement about your product along with a photo for placement on your website. Usage can also include social media and print advertising.

Everyone loves “behind-the-scenes” videos. Let your prospects get to know you and your team with a custom Day In The Life video production.

Whether featuring you and your team exclusively, or enhanced with a celebrity personal appearance, your Day In The Life video helps prospects connect authentically to you and your company.

Our partnership with original Shark Tank® Shark and inventor of the infomercial, Kevin Harrington, allows us to put the best possible production team together for your offer.

Get more coverage and SEO with the power of celebrity.

Media outlets can’t resist a celebrity interview or covering a “product-of-the-stars”.

If needed, The CShop can also assist with press and blogosphere coverage.

Contact us today to see how we can put the power of celebrity endorsements to work for you.


In addition to the above services and our vast talent agency and influencer networks, The CShop® has a variety of resources and contacts to assist with virtually anything your company might need to achieve your goals.

Retail Distribution
Assistance with getting into US and International brick-and-mortar retail chains such as Target, Macy’s, Whole Foods and GNC.

Amazon Sales
Establish sales of your product on Amazon and similar outlets. We can also manage this for you if needed.

TV Shopping Channels
Get your product on domestic and international TV Shopping Channels like QVC and HSN.

Affiliate Networks
Rev up your sales with an established base of online affiliates promoting your products.

Product Development Consulting
Have an idea for a product and need guidance, design or development resources? We can help.

Manufacturing & Sourcing
Interested in scaling up your manufacturing or lowering costs? Looking for new products to offer or manufacturers? We can help.

Celebrity Products
Add existing celebrity products to your SKU library, “celebrify” an existing product, or create a celebrity branded product line. We can help.

Film, TV & Web Series Production
Imagine your own branded series that builds an audience and fans for your products á la Power Rangers and The Disney Channel. We can help.

Contact us today to see how we can put the power of our celebrity resource network to help make your goals real.

Introductory Services

To make it easy for you to leverage celebrity fan bases to promote your product, we’ve put together these intro service packages designed to rapidly build attention.

Contact us today to see how we can put the power of celebrity endorsements to work for you.