We connect celebrities with businesses in creative and synergistic ways to maximize brand exposure and reach.


Why Star Power?

The right celebrity associations with your brand can lend both credibility and popularity to any product or service no matter how large or small. It can save valuable time in positioning a new product in the marketplace and accelerate growth for an existing product.

Planning a publicity campaign? It’s much easier to get publicity with celebrities than without.

Opening a new venue or promoting an existing one? Everyone wants to dine, shop, dance, etc. with the stars. Personal appearances at your establishment by the right celebrities can make your venue THE place to be.

Planning an Event or Conference? The right celebrity appearance, host or performance can increase attendance and catapult your event to the top of everyone’s list.

Launching an ad campaign? The average consumer is bombarded with more than 5000 ad messages per day. The appropriate celebrity that speaks to your market can make your ads stand out, get noticed and get accepted.

Looking for more web traffic or to “go viral”? A celebrity tweet, post, photo, video or other appropriate content can make your website rise in the rankings like nothing else.

Whether you’re building an existing or new business, product, service or brand, the right celebrity associations can save valuable exposure time, create a positive and credible brand image and get your message the attention it deserves.

Contact us to learn about the creative and surprisingly affordable options we can put together for you.

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