Monica Potter Stars In This Intense Thriller

The Girl in the Pool

Ready for possibly the best thriller premise you’ve ever heard? Here’s the initial plot of The Girl in the Pool. A married man (played by Freddie Prinze Jr.) is having an affair with another woman (played by Gabrielle Haugh). But something goes awry, and she dies. He hides the body by the pool. And then the man’s wife (played by Monica Potter) springs a surprise birthday on him—while the body is still there.

Cue tension. Cue suspense. Every moment, someone might discover the body. Every moment, this man’s secrets might all fall down. If having a near-perfect elevator pitch could win awards, this would be a candidate. It releases really soon, July 26th, and if you like thrillers—if you like your heart pounding—The Girl in the Pool seems like an incredibly easy choice for a weekend watch.