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News from around the world on celebrities in the CShop Celebrity Network

Gretchen Christine Talks Style & Plans

In this interview with LA Exclusive TV, CShop celebrity guest Gretchen Christine talks about her style, projects & her plans for the next 5 years. She also gives us the scoop on that gorgeous engagement ring (that we’ve seen up close!). Keep up with Gretchen on Twitter @GretchenRossi and on her website at

Justin Timberlake & MasterCard: Another Winning Celebrity Endorsement

Preconceived notions about celebrity endorsement can leave a lot of opportunity laying on the table. Great marketers can use it to the advantage of their brand and make it an asset. What’s your plan in 2014 for making your brand stand out from the competition? Check out the campaign here.

New CShop Shows Coming

One of our latest CShopTV shows with the King Of Infomercials & Original Shark from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington! Watch Kevin Harrinton & CShopTV’s Robin-Kay interview Terry Mathis, entrepreneur & co-founder of Oxygen Orchard, patent holder to one of only 4 known ways to oxygenate healthy drinking water.