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Useful tips and know-how for maximizing the power of celebrity to elevate your brand.

Companies Boom Their Sales by Getting “In” the Shows

In this publicity image released by ABC, Ty Burrell who portrays Phil Dunphy is shown with the Apple iPad in an episode of Modern Family.

Product placement has become a ubiquitous aspect of modern marketing, allowing companies to reach consumers in a non-intrusive, engaging way. One of the most successful examples of product placement within a TV show is Gatorade’s placement in the hit series “Friday Night Lights.” Throughout the show, Gatorade is featured prominently, with the characters frequently drinking […]

Spotlight: Lolo Jones & Aeroski

lolo aeroski2

Aeroski launched with a fitness-expert-filled infomercial featuring US Olympian Lolo Jones. The spot’s breathtaking snow scenes were filmed in the beautiful Chilean mountains. It performed so well that they sold out and are just now back in production after the Covid shutdown. Thankfully, everyone who’s been wanting an Aeroski can now get one! To […]

Mastermind & Make Deals With The Pros

The CShop - Celebrity Marketing Mastermind

Want to expand your network of contacts with a room full of power players? How about networking, learning from and doing deals with them for a full day? Welcome to the Expansion Acceleration Mastermind Weekend. An intimate, limited attendance event available exclusively to The CShop network of clients and contacts. Under one roof, we’ve assembled […]

Facebook On Fire! Celebrity Social Media Series – 1

Celebrity Social Media - Endorsements from The CShop

The CShop helps companies use celebrity social media for endorsements and promotion of their products. We’ve created this Facebook On Fire series to help companies get more out of not only the celebrity social media posts we arrange for them, but also to get more benefit from Facebook promotion in general. We’re starting with the basics […]