Facebook On Fire! Celebrity Social Media Series – 1

Celebrity Social Media - Endorsements from The CShop

The CShop helps companies use celebrity social media for endorsements and promotion of their products. We’ve created this Facebook On Fire series to help companies get more out of not only the celebrity social media posts we arrange for them, but also to get more benefit from Facebook promotion in general.

We’re starting with the basics – making sure your Facebook page is properly set up. After all, if you don’t have a Facebook page that people want to look at, there is no reason for people to follow you, right?

So the first tip is: Set up your Facebook page so it has interesting things to look at on a regular basis.

This is MUCH easier than it sounds and doesn’t take as much time as you’d think. You could easily spend just a half-hour a week and grow your followers with the tips in this series.

So the first step is to get your page set up. The article below from Hubspot, a leading marketing software provider, gives a great quick summary of the key steps to setting up and maintaining your page to maximize its potential.


Step 7 on this list may be a little more than you need at first, but it does contain useful info, especially if you’re selling merchandise.

If you already have a Facebook page set up, you can use this article as a checklist to fill in any gaps that could be detracting from your page or making it less engaging.

If you need an exciting cover image, or additional guidance in setting up your page, let us know. We’ll be covering this in at least one of our weekly webinars.

Our next tip in this series will discuss content for your page. So focus now on getting the page set up properly. But feel free to charge ahead if you’re up to it!