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Useful tips and know-how for maximizing the power of celebrity to elevate your brand.

Justin Timberlake & MasterCard: Another Winning Celebrity Endorsement

Preconceived notions about celebrity endorsement can leave a lot of opportunity laying on the table. Great marketers can use it to the advantage of their brand and make it an asset. What’s your plan in 2014 for making your brand stand out from the competition? Check out the campaign here.

New CShop Shows Coming

One of our latest CShopTV shows with the King Of Infomercials & Original Shark from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington! Watch Kevin Harrinton & CShopTV’s Robin-Kay interview Terry Mathis, entrepreneur & co-founder of Oxygen Orchard, patent holder to one of only 4 known ways to oxygenate healthy drinking water.

Doug E. Fresh Helps New Artists

Poze Productions, a company that helps up & coming talent get noticed by industry leaders, is doing big things in 2014 as hip-hop icon Doug E. Fresh lays out in this quick video. The CShop was happy to be able to make the introduction of Poze Productions to Doug possible since we know Doug loves […]

The CShop Adds Product Placement

We’re pleased to announce that we now have product placement opportunities available for our clients. Product placement opportunities are available in: Television Shows Music Videos Feature Films Game Shows Web Series iTunes Podcasts & More If you’d like to have your product or service placed in a production like the above, please contact us for […]

Shoot 6 is a Wrap!

Hi Guys, Back from the salt mines. Lots of production going on here at CShopTV so apologies for the lack of blog updates over the last several weeks. So CShop shoot 6 with Eddie & Taj George is wrap and was fantastic. Taj & Eddie are fantastic people and are amazing on camera. Look for […]

Is Your Marketing BS?

In the sea of internet content and consumer options, it can be really hard to make your product stand out. Marketers can often get desperate, resorting to intrusive, over-hyped methods of getting their message out. This lack of subtlety and “P.T. Barnum-style” tactics could qualify for Brad Frost’s definition in this insightful video. It also […]

Gretchen Rossi on CShopTV

Hey folks! Gretchen Christine Rossi of the Real Housewives of Orange County – the FIRST real housewives show – appeared recently on CShopTV. Stay tuned this month to see her CShop shows starting to air. And don’t forget to watch Gretchen & Slade on The Real Housewives of Orange County on BRAVO, Mondays at 8pm […]