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Go behind the scenes with us to see what we’re up to and how it all comes together.

Janell Snowden Wearing Hot Rock Jewelry @ Mercedes Fashion Week NYC

Our girl Janell Snowden sporting her Hot Rock Jewelry from CShop TV Supporter Linda Rocco @ Mercedes Benz Fashion Week @ Lincoln Center, NYC! See more pics @ Zimbio

CShop Set Design Finalization

Now you’ve seen the basic progress on getting everything designed & laid out for shooting on the green screen in such a way that the footage will be ready to incorporate into our virtual set. If you haven’t already seen how we got to this point, take a look at the design progression here. Now […]

Welcome to the CShop TV Production blog!

Hi All, Here is where we post production progress, images and video showing you the development and behind-the-scenes goodies for the CShop TV shows. We also post the latest CShopTV news from our celebrity guests and supporters from around the web. We hope all of our existing and prospective show participants will find it interesting […]