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Matt McGorry Returns To HTGAWM

Ready for more drama and suspense? ABC’s long-running How to Get Away with Murder is coming back for its 6th season, which means more from Matt McGorry, well known for both his roles on the popular drama and on quite another popular show Orange Is the New Black. An actor and an activist, we are […]

Don Mann in The Brigade: Race to The Hudson

Don Mann

Don Mann and other contestants are in for an adventure. In an exciting new reality television series, ten people must attempt to cross a 19th-century fur trade route, rife with intense natural barriers. The only way out before the end is to quit or be pulled because of medical emergencies. Split among the remaining: $500,000. […]

Win A Big Skinny Wallet & Awards Season with Janell Snowden

Janell Snowden is now in hot & heavy awards season mode prepping for all the hot red carpets for the Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes & more. Check out The Latest from CShopTV for more on this and to keep up with Janell on her trek. Win a Big Skinny Wallet for all the cash you’re […]

Send Us Your NEWS!

One of the benefits of being part of the CShopTV entourage as either a supporter or celebrity co-host is: FREE PROMO! That’s right! We want to keep the CShopTV community up to date on what’s happening with YOU! So if you have any news, announcements or cool info to share with CShopTV viewers and fans, […]