Peter Facinelli Judged At Mammoth Film Festival!

Fan of movies? Fan of people who are in movies? Well, the two met in a way not as common for an actor at this year’s Mammoth Film Festival—a California retreat set in the eponymous Mammoth Lake.

It, as a festival, dedicates itself to film and media and artistic endeavors: showcasing independent and unique creations. And, as someone who’s been around more than a few movies and television shows, Peter Facinelli acted as one of the film jury recently at an event lasting from February 8th to 11th. According to his Twitter, he had a lot of fun there, and I hope his approval of some of the films will help up-and-coming new artists.

It’s always cool to see established people working with emerging creators, and Peter Facinelli seems like a guy who can give supportive, and, dare I say, charming feedback.