Lucy Liu Fights Shazam!

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu Gets To Be Part Of A Massively Superpowered Smackdown

Shazam! was a refreshingly good DC superhero movie. It and Wonder Woman proved embracing a more lighthearted tone was what the cinematic universe needed. Which is why it’s so exciting that Shazam! Fury of the Gods will come out this year.

And this time, it’s got double the villains. Two evil gods have come to fight. And Lucy Liu plays one of them, Calypso. Lucy’s known for many roles, including Joan Watson on Elementary, and I’m sure she had a blast playing a supervillain. She’ll get to fight against Billy’s superpowered family in a knockdown, drag-out mythological battle that’ll surely be tons of fun. The movie’s currently scheduled for December 16th, so mark your calendar.