Facebook on Fire – Celebrity Social Media Series 2

Post things People Will Like

Posting things that people will like sounds obvious, right? But you’d be surprised how many companies don’t consider if people will like what they’re posting. Instead they focus on what they want to say and assume that because it’s on Facebook, people will see it and like it.

Sorry to burst that bubble but, “it ain’t so”.

The first thing to remember is that Facebook is SOCIAL first. It’s about conversations first, NOT promotion.

So when posting to your Facebook page, you want to post things that encourage conversation and sharing MOST of the time and post self-promotion items SOME of the time. And even your promotions should be interesting, conversational and encourage sharing.

STEP 1: Start by liking pages that complement your brand, your product and your overall brand message. Remember when liking these pages to like them as your page and not as yourself.

To do this click on the More link as shown in the image below. Then select “Like As Your Page” from the dropdown. Also, make sure when liking and sharing posts you see your Facebook page logo/icon in the area next to the Like, Comment, Share options. If you don’t, click the little arrow by your profile picture and select your page from the dropdown.

You want to make sure that you’re always liking, sharing and commenting as your PAGE and not personally for this series. Otherwise your Facebook page will not benefit and only your Facebook friends will see what you’ve shared.

STEP 2: Once you’ve liked a few pages, start sharing interesting posts from those pages on your page. This will give you a quick start on some engaging quality content for your page.

STEP 3: Then you can start creating your own posts. Here is a great article from Forbes that will give you many ideas for creating interesting posts.

You can also use a program like Hootsuite to schedule those posts for the future so you can manage your social media in very little time.

Our next tip will take-on getting people to like your posts and your page. So read the article above, like related pages and share related page posts to start getting quality content on your Facebook page.