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Sheryl Lee Ralph Is In Award-Winning Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary

Have you seen Abbot Elementary yet? Starring Quinta Brunson as Janine Teagues, Tyler James Williams as Gregory Eddie, and Sheryl Lee Ralph as Barbara Howard, this multi-award-winning show gives a more realistic look at teachers in an underfunded public school in Philadelphia called Willard R. Abbot Elementary School.

Companies Boom Their Sales by Getting “In” the Shows

In this publicity image released by ABC, Ty Burrell who portrays Phil Dunphy is shown with the Apple iPad in an episode of Modern Family.

Product placement has become a ubiquitous aspect of modern marketing, allowing companies to reach consumers in a non-intrusive, engaging way. One of the most successful examples of product placement within a TV show is Gatorade’s placement in the hit series “Friday Night Lights.” Throughout the show, Gatorade is featured prominently, with the characters frequently drinking […]

Sheriff Lamb Joins Surviving Mann Season 2

Surviving Mann

Surviving Mann is back with another season of intense, grueling challenges. And this time, Don Mann is joined in the adventure by his fellow patriot, Sheriff Mark Lamb. Sherriff Lamb has been in law enforcement for nearly twenty years and, since 2017, has been serving Pinal County, Arizona.

Michelle Rodriguez Rolls Up A New Character Sheet In Dungeon & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Michelle Rodriguez

You may know her from The Fast and The Furious series, but now meet her newest character: Holga Kilgor, the barbarian. In the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (March 31st, 2023), Michelle Rodriguez gets to “party” in one of the most iconic fantasy universes of all time.

Adrien Brody “Marries” Marilyn Monroe In Blonde

Adrian Brody

Coming to Netflix, Blonde explores a fictionalized version of the complicated—to put it mildly—life of actress and icon Marilyn Monroe. Starring alongside the titular blonde played by the insanely talented Ana de Armas will be Academy Award-winning actor Adrien Brody.